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With these functionalities, RTvent will help you organizing your event:
Go to Easy registration

Easy registration

Every visitor can register easily to your event with a single page form that only asks for the necessary information from the visitor and his/her partner. Multiple languages are supported.

Go to Flexible Events

Flexible Events

Events can be managed very easily and flexible. Even the side program sessions (i.e. “City tour”) can be managed so that visitors and their partners and children can sign up easily for your event. Packages with rebate like “Earyl Bird” packages can also be added.

Go to Easy Payment Handling

Easy Payment Handling

The visitor gets an email after the registration with detailed payment instructions so that he can pay for the session he has booked at your event. Currently, the system can handle payments via wire transfer, direct debit and PayPal.

Go to Administration


The Administration panel lets you configure your event including all sessions, prices, dates and min./max. number of participants. Export lists of visitors for mailings or name tags. A map shows where your visitors come from.

What it is

Concentrate on managing your event instead of wasting your time with manual registration and payment of your visitors.
Made easy.

RTvent will help you with your event. It will offer an easy sign up form to your visitors so that they can register for your event and choose the sessions he/she wants to visit. It even handles the payments so that you don't need to care if your visitors have paid yet or not.
Easily send mailings to your visitors or to just a part of your visitors, i.e. to who hasn't paid yet. You can also export visitors listings i.e. for printing name tags with a label printer.

An easy software solution which has proven itself in multiple events over the past few years. Contact us if you want to use it to organize your next event.


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